Lin-Hurtubise Family LIFE TRAVEL MAP


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Based on your Life Travel Map Survey we have offered a suggested plan for your family's travel over the next 12 years to help you accomplish your travel goals. According to your survey you indicated that you would like to plan a trip every other year for the next 12 years until Ari is 21. We included your preferred destinations of Africa, Egypt and Russia, also adding Galapagos, Peru, Cambodia and Vietnam. These destinations reflect your interests in outdoor activity, culinary experiences, nature and culture. Your children expressed an interest in Asian culture so we conclude our suggestions with two countries in the far east. Considering your preferred hotels, we are recommending our five star itineraries for each destination.


Please Note: We have recommended Galapagos as your next trip. Your children are at a great age for this trip as it will coincide with science lessons they are learning in school and will promise to be active and keep them in engaged. To fully experience all that Galapagos offers there will be opportunities to swim. Since Kat expressed that swimming is not her preference, an alternative trip of Costa Rica with it's hikes, water falls and animal experiences has been proposed.


Once you have a chance to review, please contact me via email to set up a time for a phone conversation. In this phone conversation we will through a round of adjustments and discuss rationale.


We look forward to refining your travel map with you.

— Christie and The Life Travel Mapping Team



2018 Jean-Michael, 13 and Ari, 9 — Galapagos or Costa Rica


2020 Jean-Michael, 15 and Ari, 11 — Egypt


2022 Jean-Michael, 17 and Ari, 13 — Russia


2024 Jean-Michael, 19 and Ari, 15 — Safari: Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania or South Africa (Kenya and Tanzania Itineraries coming soon)


2026 Jean-Michael 21, and Ari, 17 — Peru


2028 Jean-Michael, 23 and Ari, 19 — Cambodia


2030 Jean-Michael, 25 and Ari, 21 — Vietnam