Our Partnerships

Whole Planet Foundation, a Whole Foods Market foundation that funds poverty alleviation worldwide where the company sources products, has partnered with Global CommUnity to create the destination-specific recipes and shopping lists.

Global CommUnity is proud to partner with Sew for Hope, a non-profit in Nashville that teaches refugee women to sew, enabling them to start their own businesses and equipping them with economic independence as they settle in their new home country. Global CommUnity's international dolls are made by graduates from this program that have relocated from Myanmar.

In the manners of traditional hospitality, gratitude is often expressed with the presentation a hostess gift. We encourage our families that travel with us to consider giving a hostess gift by participating in Pack for a Purpose.


Pack for a Purpose's mission is to positively impact communities around the world by assisting travelers who want to take meaningful contributions to the destinations they visit. Their goal is to assist travelers who want to say thank you in this manner or who simply want to expand their generosity beyond their own communities. The supply lists for destinations on their website are provided directly by the local community-based projects that receive and use the supplies, enabling travelers to make informed decisions and to take items that meet the needs of those who will be using them.