Global CommUnity travel itineraries are:

— 7 nights long, with optional add-on days and experiences

— Mostly available in both 4-star and 5-star price points

— Designed in three versions:  families with younger children,  families with teenagers and adults only travelers

— Featuring a meaningful “giving back” experience at each destination




Global CommUnity itineraries are created with a focus on four key elements:


Learn: It is through understanding each other that we learn to cooperate. As we seek to learn the mindset of another culture, we explore their history, arts and science, industry and customs. This process is much deeper than social manners.  It is about understanding how they see the world. This is why we provide you with pre-trip engagement materials that include books, movies, music and recipes, so your cultural immersion begins before you start your journey.


Experience: Touch, taste and observe. Our itineraries involve meaningful and age-appropriate cultural immersion. We will show you the history and arts, take you to see economic enterprises that are essential to that culture, and expose you to their spiritual practices or customs.


Relate: When you meet someone and personalize an experience with a name and a story, a “foreigner” becomes a friend. Global CommUnity itineraries involve great opportunities to mix with the locals, both people and animal life.


Serve: Global CommUnity we believe that the best way to “help” another human is through understanding. By understanding another’s mindset or world-view we can begin to cooperate and enrich our local communities and our shared Global CommUnityEach of our Global CommUnity itineraries offers a meaningful give-back experience. Through these experiences we seek to offer our clients opportunities to learn how other cultures are healing wounds, solving social issues or renewing natural resources. We broaden our world view as we see unique ways to problem solve, share an experience and lend a hand.




At Global CommUnity we see and understand the value of giving-back, this is why we encourage our families to engage in the philanthropic opportunities offered in our itineraries. These unique experiences allow you to see what is being done by local communities to renew and restore a society through its people, places, economics and ecosystems.


At Global CommUnity, whenever possible at our client's choosing, we will offer hands-on giving-back experiences but there are times when managing volunteers can be more taxing on the resources, people and organizations and actually cost philanthropies monies that can be used for better purposes. We want to avoid this pull on these organizations. In those situations we will offer our clients the opportunities to tour the organization, learn about the processes of restoration and support them financially. Our hope is that as a greater CommUnity, we can learn from each other what is being done well then return to our local communities inspired to serve and engage at home.