Samuels Family LIFE TRAVEL MAP

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Based on your Life Travel Map Survey we have offered a suggested plan for your family's travel over the next 14 years to help you accomplish your travel goals. According to your survey you indicated that you would like to plan a trip every other year for the next 15 years until Christian is 17. We included your preferred destinations of East Africa, Greece, Spain, Italy, Australia/New Zealand, Hawaii and Alaska also adding Galapagos and Peru as options. These destinations reflect your interests in outdoor activity, culinary experiences, nature and culture. Considering your preferred hotels, we are recommending our four star itineraries for each destination.


Once you have a chance to review, please contact me via email to set up a time for a phone conversation. In this phone conversation we will through a round of adjustments and discuss rationale.


We look forward to refining your travel map with you.

— Christie and The Life Travel Mapping Team


For Jayne, Bruce and Christian Samuels


2018 Christian is 4 — Costa Rica


2019 Christian is 5 — Hawaii


2020 Christian is 6 — Italy


2021 Christian is 7  — Florida Keys with Miami and 3 day add on Disney World or San Diego and Southern California


2022 Christian is 8  — Egypt


2023 Christian is 9 — Grand Canyon or Yellowstone, Grand Tetons


2024 Christian is 10 — Galapagos


2025 Christian is 11  — New England - Boston - Maine


2026 Christian is 12 — Peru


2027 Christian is 13 — Washington DC and Virginia, Philadelphia


2028 Christian is 14 — Greece


2029 Christian is 15 — Nashville - Memphis - New Orleans — Southern Music Tour


2030 Christian is 16 — Spain


2031 Christian is 17 — Alaska


2032 Christian is 18 — Safari in East Africa


2033 Christian is 19 — California, Route One, Sequoias down to LA and Sand Diego


2034 Christian is 20 — Australia or New Zealand